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Terms and Condition


1. Personnel requirements

Coaches are driven exclusively by personnel regularly employed by the company, for whom all medical and pension obligations are ensured. In employing traveling personnel, the company applies the national and European law in act (Reg. CE 261/2006) regulating driving times, rest and work.
In detail, in 24 hours:
a. The total amount of hours driven cannot go over 9hrs/day
b. Continuous driving cannot exceed 4 ½ hrs and must be followed by a 45 min break, alternatively two breaks are required, mandatorily of at least 30 + 15 min in the 4 ½ hrs range. The second break must be of at least 30 min, even if the first was over 15 min.
c. Driving personnel should have 11 consecutive hrs of rest.

2. Second driver on board

A second driver on board can be present according to the requirements of Reg.CE 561/206

3. Client’s fees

Italian VAT according to the law in act (currently 10%), toll booth fees, parking fees, limited traffic areas taxes, ferries/tunnels/bridges fees, second driver when necessary according to Reg.CE561/206; extra expenses not included in the service.

4. Seats and luggage

Coaches are rented only for people transport. It is mandatory for all passengers to stay seated and wear seatbelts where present while the coaches are moving. In case of damages, sanctions or injuries due to non compliance with the requirements, these will be the sole responsibility of the passenger or the accompanying adult in case of minors.
Luggage is accepted in the available compartment. If full, no other type of storage is provided.

5. Reservations and cancellations

Reservations will be considered only after having accepted the service, exception made for causes beyond control (natural calamities, strikes, etc) cancellations will be charged 30% of the service fee if communicated 20 days in advance, 50% until 5days in advance and fully if the cancellation is made 48hrs in advance. In any case, conditions are agreed upon acceptance of the company providing the service.

6. Program variations during travel

Variations to the travel plan must be authorized by the company. Driving personnel having received authorization, will note on the travel documents ( mod_20_1) the details of the variations and will require the client’s signature for acceptance.

7. Terms of payment

Direct payment or bank transfer up to 30 days after invoice, with penalty the application of legal interest for late payment. Bank fees are charged to the client, in case of first-time cooperation or order higher than 1500€ an advance payment of 40% of the agreed total amount is required, exception made for special condition authorized by the administration.
8. Insurance coverage
All coaches are insured against civil responsibility, risks with “ITAS” with a maximum coverage of 15 600 000,00€

9. Special conditions

Other particular conditions will be directly decided with the client at the moment of completing the order of service.

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